Sabz trade is an agricultural and export company that offer a variety of great quality and superior test citrus including lemon, sweet lemon, lime,Orange and grapefruit , Dates..
We strive to produce,‌ supply and export fresh citrus by utilizing the expertise and new technologies to ensure that our customers receive a high quality citrus year-round.

We are in the south of Iran near the commercial port of Bandar Abbas. The city of Rudan is the center of lemons and citrus fruits in Iran and has many factories and sortings related to packing citrus.


CEO of Sabz Trade


Leila Sadid is a 3rd generation of a family who devoted over 70 years to grow and harvest citrus
When you are born in such a place with all the potentials of business and good family background on running Citrus orchards for over 70 years even when you graduate from Shiraz University with Bachelor of Civil Engineering, it will get you back to the family business with the more prominent ideas on the management using latest edge technologies for the most essential best products deliver to the customers all over the world

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